Labradorite Heart Necklace

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Handmade Genuine Labradorite Heart Necklace on a sterling silver chain.

Wearing this necklace keeps the crystal in constant contact with your body, enabling you to benefit from its powerful properties.

Enjoy Labradorite jewellery for its captivating play of iridescent colours, known as labradorescence, which shifts with movement. The hues range from blues and greens to golds and purples, creating a mystical allure that captivates the eye. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, labradorite is believed to possess metaphysical properties that promote inner strength, intuition, and spiritual growth. 

Measures Approximately: L20mm x W16mm

Adjustable Sterling Silver Chain size: 16-18 inches

An ideal choice for everyday wear or as a meaningful gift for someone special.

Delivery: Dispatched within 24 hours

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