Natural Aroma Diffusers

Ultrasonic Aroma Diffusers release a fine mist of water and oils into the air.  Just add some water and a few drops of your favourite Essential Oil and that's it.

They are a perfect way to add ambience and fragrance to any space. A safe and natural way to feel the benefits of pure essential oils.

Our diffusers run on either a continuous or intermittent mode and will switch off automatically when the water runs low. Some of the bigger models have a misting time  up to 16 hours.  The LED range have a night light / background light that has the option of a colour change mode with 7 colours to select from.

All Aroma Diffusers are backed with a 12 month Manufacturer's Warranty. All items are shipped directly from Australia . Payments are accepted Safe & Securely via the Shopify platform.