Crystal Singing Bowl 8'' - Crown Chakra

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Clear, realign and harmonise with our beautiful Crown Chakra Crystal Singing Bowl.

Tuned to the perfect pitch to work with the Crown Chakra, and made from 99% crushed Quartz Crystal, this Crystal Singing Bowl is an amazing ritual of wellness to bring into your life.

Crystal Singing Bowls not only provide a soothing sound, they are designed to heal the body through their vibrational tones. Crystal bowl music is considered an excellent form of sound vibrational therapy and is used to bring harmony back to the whole being by releasing blockages within the body.

The crushed quartz is heated to a very high temperature and once set, tested to determine the musical note. Each bowl is created to produce a pure tone of vibrational sound and each note resonates with a different chakra of the body to promote clearing and healing in that energy centre.

The human body vibrates and the frequency at which a person most naturally vibrates is known as the resonance. The chakras (energy centres), bones and organs in the body all vibrate at a different frequency or resonance. When a chakra, or part of the body is not vibrating properly or at an optimal frequency it is considered to be out of balance and not in harmony with the rest of the body.

Crown Chakra / B Note elevates gratitude for life and represents the connection between you and any divine or higher states. Your spirituality, belief systems, divine consciousness, and enlightenment is all consumed with your crown, along with your brain functions and central nervous system. This chakra is located at the top of your head. When this chakra is unbalanced you feel alone, thinking you are unworthy or untrusting of any higher consciousness. When this chakra is balanced you know you are one and all connected with the universe. A balanced chakra enhances feelings of serenity, joy and deep peace.

Playing the bowl is a beautifully intuitive practice. You will come to understand your bowl over time and how best to play it. By gently tapping the outside of the bowl with the rubber striker the sound is initiated. Then by circling the outside of the bowl with gentle but constant pressure the bowl will vibrate and the sound will intensify. The vibrations will naturally soften and fade until it comes to a complete stop.

It can be used in sound healing, to clear energy in any space, clear other crystals and in meditation. To use for clearing crystal’s energy, place your crystals in the bottom of the bowl on a soft fabric so as not to damage the bowl and give them a sound bath.

Dimensions – 8 inch diameter x 16cm high

Includes rubber ring for the bowl to sit on and a mallet.

Delivery: Dispatched within 24 hours

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