7 Chakra and Lava Rock Bracelet - Adjustable

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Exquisite handcrafted braided bracelet featuring a combination of 7 Chakra and Lava Rock 8mm beads - Align, Balance, Energise, Vitalise, Centre, Harmonise, Clear.

Elegantly packaged and sent to you in a plush velvet bag for an extra touch of style.

Beads: 8mm  Unisex: Women & Men

Chakra is known as the 7 centres of our bodies from which energy flows. Opening up each of the 7 Chakras allows us to effectively use this energy within the body and mind.

Explore the significance of each Chakra:

  1. Root Chakra: The foundation of grounding and safety
  2. Sacral Chakra: Fosters connection and openness to new experiences
  3. Solar Plexus Chakra: Empowers confidence and control in life
  4. Heart Chakra: Nurtures the capacity to love deeply
  5. Throat Chakra: Enhances communication abilities
  6. Third Eye Chakra: Strengthens focus and broadens perspective
  7. Crown Chakra: The pinnacle of spiritual connection

Lava Rock is regarded as a  stone of courage, often used to give stability in our forever changing lives. This natural volcanic stone possesses a porous quality, making it ideal for diffusing aromatherapy scents. Just apply 1-2 drops of your preferred pure essential oil directly onto the Lava Rock and enjoy the delightful fragrance throughout the day.

Materials: Hand selected semi-precious stones elegantly crafted

Delivery: Dispatched within 24 hours

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