Amethyst Clay Pendant Necklace

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A unique handmade decorative Crystal pendant necklace made from natural Amethyst set in black clay with a poly/cotton adjustable cord.

By wearing this necklace you will have the Crystal in touch with your body at all times, which will allow you to receive the healing properties of the Crystal.

Amethyst is known as "The All Purpose Stone."  It resonates with the Crown and Third Eye Chakras.  Amethyst is for spirituality and intuition.  It provides clarity when there's confusion in the mind, and helps to relieve stress and anxiety.  It has strong healing and cleansing powers and brings calmness and clarity in times of turmoil.

Using an Amethyst as a meditation focus will increase the positive spiritual feelings, and keeps the air and life force in the home clean and positive.

It is also known as the "Traveller’s Stone," providing extra protection while you're exploring new places.

A perfect necklace for yourself or as a gift for someone special.

Please note each Necklace is handmade and unique so if you would like a particular Necklace from the photo please message us.

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