Agate Lamp - Pink

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A unique Agate Lamp also popular as a stand alone ornamental piece.

For those who are looking to achieve balance in their lives, Agate is the ideal stone. Agate is a stone of strength, harmony and protection. It brings about emotional, physical and intellectual balance. It is a beautifully grounding crystal and balances yin-yang universal energy, it vibrates at a lower frequency to crystals such as Clear Quartz and Selenite, so it has a gentle pull towards healing and balance - an amazing energy to bring into your home.

Agate Lamps are a lovely addition to add that element of natural beauty and grounding energy to your space and are perfect to gift to your family and friends.

They brighten up the room and provide a lovely natural glow, helping the natural agate to shine through.

Each Agate lamp is polished to reveal the stone's naturally occurring patterns and intricately banded structure. They are a truly unique piece and no two are the same.

Includes: Australian Standard (220-240V) power cord, 1 x Clear LED light bulb and 1 x Purple LED light bulb

Weight: 2.5kg     Size: 14.5cm

Delivery: Dispatched within 24 hours 

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