7 Chakra Healing Crystal Tassle

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Chakra is known as the 7 centres of our bodies from which energy flows. Opening up each of the 7 Chakras allows us to effectively use this energy within the body and mind. 

Bring harmony and balance to your body and spirit with this unique handmade Crystal set containing 7 tumbled crystals and crystal chips that associate with balancing our 7 chakras.

Use this crystal tassle to aid your connection with your 7 chakras.

Understanding what each chakra and crystal means -

Crown Chakra: the highest Chakra, represents the ability to be fully connected spiritually. Amethyst – Stone of peace. Strong healing and cleansing powers. Aids sleep. Dispels negative emotions and brings positive responses. Loosen mind blocks and help memory. Calms fears and encourages inner strength.

Third Eye Chakra: our ability to focus on and see the big picture. Sodalite – Stone of wisdom. Facilitates a sense of internal knowledge to assist intuitive idea formation. Enhance the fusion of logic and intellect. Aids a deeper spiritual understanding and helps with general communication - perfect for public speaking and creative abilities.

Throat Chakra: our ability to communicate. Light Blue Agate – Stone of expression. Allows access to and unblocks the throat chakra – the voice of the body. Helps you to speak your truth and express yourself. Creates feelings of calm, releasing tension and anxiety. A soothing and nurturing stone, it helps to reduce stress and anger.

Heart Chakra: our ability to love. Aventurine – Stone of confidence. Defuses negative situation to positive. Reinforces leadership and decisiveness. Balances ones mind and stimulates creativity. Calms anger and irritation so you can live from your heart. Promotes sense of wellbeing.

Solar Plexus Chakra: our ability to be confident & in control of our lives. Citrine – Stone of Wealth and Abundance. Powerful cleanser and regenerator. One of the best prosperity crystals because it helps you achieve your intentions faster. Manifests more wealth and abundance by shifting your mindset. Helps you to open yourself up to embrace a more positive mindset and how to share.

Sacral Chakra: our connection & ability to accept others & new experiences. Carnelian – Stone of motivation. Aids with ambition, drive and determination, endurance, leadership, creativity, individuality, courage and motivation. Helps to trust yourself. Protection generally and from anger, jealousy and fear. 

Root Chakra: foundation & feeling of being grounded & safe. Red Jasper – Stone of vitality. Health, strengthening and detoxifying. A gentle, but vital, stimulator of chi, or Life Force, bringing physical strength and energy, stamina, focus and determination. Grounds your energy and brings problems to light before they become too big. Creates a strong connection to the earth.

Please note, each set is handmade and unique so the tumbled crystals and crystal chips may vary.

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